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MIVV tips for the BMW “GS” family

The well-known brand has recently developed new exhaust systems for the F750 and 850 GS and for the R1250 GS, from 2018 – in practice the most recent versions of the Bavarian House. The wonderful Delta Race terminal and the more classic Oval, Speed ​​Edge and Sound come into play, all in different finishes. A touch of Italianness without contraindications: the approval is 4 euro 100%, style and quality up to expectations and … no interference with the assembly of side cases.

Analyzing the historian of MIVV it turns out that the company has in the catalog discharges for the “GS” for twenty years. Since 1999 for the R1150, followed by the R1200 since 2004 to which the F650 and F800 have been added since 2008 and the F700 since 2012.

In short, we are talking about an OEM and aftermarket manufacturer, as in this case, that BMW “motorrad” engines know them very well.

Even for the latest “GS” versions, MIVV fittings have been available for a few months

  • The “F” series (750 and 850) has even been the subject of very little of an upgrade, which adds to the OVAL terminals (in carbon or titanium) and SUONO (in natural and black stainless steel) the DELTA RACE technological stainless steel, always proposed in “Black or white”.
  • The R1250 GS mates with the two versions of the OVAL terminal mentioned, to which it adds the angular SPEED EDGE in natural or black stainless steel.


  • Weight reduction.
  • Better performance.
  • High reliability in terms of resistance in long raids.
  • Internal materials tested for a long time to obtain a longer life cycle.
  • Euro 4 approval.
  • Possibility of mounting the side case on the GS of all displacements.
  • Direct coupling (slip on) to the original manifolds.


Anyone wishing to analyze bench readings in detail can download the charts directly from the MIVV website. Here we limit ourselves to setting out the maximum values.

F750 and F850 GS


With the DELTA RACE the two BMWs gain + 2.5 hp, + 3.4 Nm of torque and save 2.6 kg on the weight of the exhaust.

This terminal is characterized by an exclusive shape that, through a gradual transformation, from conical becomes hexagonal. Many details make it unique, like the 3K twill carbon pad; the perimeter band with double riveting; the inlet bushing machined from solid, to offer maximum coupling precision. The aggressive black stainless steel version is obtained by painting the body with a special ceramic-based process (an effect that MIVV calls “Black Moon”).

SUONO leads to an improvement in + 1.6 CV, + 2.9 Nm and – 2.5 kg.

A good result obtained with a terminal that, despite the fact that several years have passed since its presentation, always appears to be very current. Here proposed with a central body in brushed AISI 304 stainless steel and also with a black finish (Black Satin effect) made with a special coloring process. SUONO is the only MIVV silencer to adopt two carbon bottoms, a material also used for the  anchor strap.

The very robust OVAL defends itself with + 0.5 HP, + 0.9 Nm and with 2.4 kg less on the weight.

Characterized by the carbon or titanium body, both with high thermal resistance and always both equipped with a carbon cup, OVAL has open slits on the cup, a detail that gives it a sportier design.

R1250 GS


With SPEED EDGE the engine reaches more than significant performance: + 4.60 hp, + 6.20 Nm of torque and – 2.6 kg of weight. This terminal, recognizable by its hexagonal shape, is here proposed in brushed stainless steel with a cup and anchor strap in carbon, with the black stainless steel variant with “Black Satin” effect.

Set up with OVA L this enduro gains in style. The possibility of being able to mount it with a carbon or titanium body (both with carbon cup) is interesting. The increase in power (+ 0.2 CV) is not very significant but the value on the “pull” (+ 5.20 Nm) appears very attractive.

The general relief is set at – 2.9 kg.


BMW F750 GS and F850

DELTA RACE: Inox 572.00 euros; Black stainless steel 633.00 euros.

SOUND: Inox 558.00 euros; Inox Black 620.00 euros,

OVAL: Carbon or Titanium 496,00 euros.

BMW R1250 GS

SPEED EDGE: Inox 622.00 euros; Black Stainless Steel 683.00 euros.

OVAL: Carbon or Titanium 534.00 euros.

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